·        If an object ball is not potted on Break four object balls must hit a cushion, otherwise two visits and a re-rack are awarded to the opponent. In this event, ordinary Break rules again apply as laid out herein.


·        If four DO hit the cushion, but white goes in-off, opponent gets ball in hand, Open Table, but 1 visit only. This 1 visit rule only applies on the white ball in-off. White ball off the table & all other fouls result in two visits, including re-racking if four object balls fail to hit a cushion.


·        If you pot on Break you can either choose to stick with the colour group potted as usual (and that is your colour from then on), or you can opt to switch to the opposite colour- although in taking this option you are obliged to pot another of that colour-group on the next shot to confirm that choice. Failure to do so results in the play reverting to ‘Open Table’. If one or more balls from Both colour groups are potted on Break, you must nominate immediately (and that is your colour from then on).


·        When potting a ball on Break nomination is COMPULSORY, whichever option you wish to take. Failure to nominate (even when sticking to the colour group potted) will immediately result in the referee calling a Foul and awarding the opponent Ball in Hand, Open Table, and two shots.


·        Nomination is only required following a pot on Break (or a re-racked Break),  and NOT in an Open Table situation. If you have two visits, and it is still Open Table, the Free Ball rule does not apply- ie. whatever you pot, you’re on.